Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vienna International Centre] (VIC)

This FDC and the stamp on it were issued on 13.11.1981by the UN Postal Service in Vienna to highlight its 10 Years development workers – Program for people around the world. The conferences on this subject were held at the VIC. Thank you Merja.
The Vienna International Centre] (VIC) is the campus and building complex hosting the United Nations Office at Vienna. As colloquially also known as UNO City, the VIC is only the one part of it. The other one is the Austria Center Vienna (ACV).
The VIC, designed by Austrian architect Johann Staber, was built between 1973 and 1979 just north of the river Danube. The initial idea of setting up an international organization in Vienna came from the Chancellor of Austria Dr. Bruno Kreisky. Six Y-shaped office towers (as seen on the cover) surround a cylindrical conference building for a total floor area of 230,000 square metres. The highest tower stands 127 metres tall, enclosing 28 floors. About 5,000 people work at the VIC, which also offers catering and shopping facilities and a post office (postal code 1400 Wien). Two banks (Bank Austria and United Nations Federal Credit  Union offices), travel agents and other commercial services have offices on the premises.
The VIC is an extraterritorial area, exempt from the jurisdiction of local law.
Complementing the ongoing asbestos removal works in the VIC, a new conference building has been put into service in 2009. This facility, previously designated “C2”, now termed “M Building”, was constructed over the existing parking deck near the southern perimeter of the campus. The M building is hosting all conferences while the C building, where the VIC conference facilities were originally located, is undergoing renovation from 2009-2011. Both buildings will later be used for meetings. Larger conferences can be accommodated in the neighbouring Austria Center Vienna (ACV), a separate conference and exhibition centre with a capacity of 6,000, which is with the VIC campus part of the UNO-City. The ACV has an indoor link to the VIC buildings.
The impressive modern setting of the Vienna International Centre (VIC) has been home to numerous international organizations since 23 August 1979. On daily guided tours, visitors can learn about the work of the United Nations and experience the Vienna International Centre's striking architecture and vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the VIC.

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