Monday, November 5, 2012

Finnish Popular Art16.2.1992

This stamp was issued on 15.2.1982 in Finland to highlight the importance of Finnish Popular Art in tapestry and rug making. Ryijy is a form of Finnish tapestry or cloth rug.
The name ryijy originated with the Scandinavian word rya, which means "thick cloth". The decorative ryijy rug is an art form unique to Finland. In the late 19th century, ryijy rug weaving developed as a folk art. Some of the most beautiful tapestries were woven then.

Ryijys date back from as early as the 9th century. Similar in nature to a knotted Persian carpet, the ryijy knots are further apart and are much larger and longer. Originally woven for use as coverlets and bedding, they were mainly in natural colors, white, gray, and black. Some tones of yellow, red, green, and blue were introduced with vegetable dyes. Later, aniline dyes added another dimension of color and design.

Today ryijy-making techniques include new fibers such as paper string, available in hundred of colors, as is the traditional wool. They are designed for a multitude of places and purposes, but each is an individual work of art. Thank you Pia for this nice FDC.

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