Friday, November 2, 2012

Unique Birds of Malaysia

Birds have often captivated the imagination and inspiration of mankind. From watching and studying this winged wonders, mankind has learned to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these creatures. Malaysia has over 742species of birds, totaling, about 7% of the world’s population. Approximately 63 of these species are endemic (found nowhere else in the world). The details of the birds shown on the stamps (left to right) are given below. This pretty FDC was issued on 21.1.2009.

The Malaysian Peacock-Pheasant(30sen) is one of the gems of Malaysia's bird species  and is now on the list as one of the of the four species special or endemic to Peninsular Malaysia. Previously widespread in Thailand and Sumatra, today they are only confined to Central Peninsular Malaysia. The Malaysian Peacock-Pheasant is medium-sized, up to 53 cm long, brownish with blue-green oceilli on its wings, back and tail. It has elongated glossy green crest and bare orange facial skin. The female is smaller and its colours duller. Due to ongoing threats of  habitat loss, poaching, small population size and limited range, the Malaysian Peacock-Pheasant is now classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN List ot Threatened Species.

The Malaysian Whistling Thrush (50sen) if one of the four endemic birds of Peninsular Malaysia. It is a rare and reclusive bird found in broadleaf evergreen forest, preferring streams as well as hills and highlands. About 26cm in size, the thrush has a small yellowish bill, bright metallic blue and black wings and body. Both sexes look alike. The resident species has also be classified by IUCN as Vulnerable.

The Milky Stork (50sen) is a large wading birdof freshwater habitat, living in wetlands and wet farmlands across southern Asia. They are also found on the coast, where intertidal wetlands provide food and refuge. Milky Stork can reach a length of 97cm and has a thick, yellowish bill and blackish flight feathers. Both sexes look almost alike. this species can be found in Kampuchea, Peninsular Malaysia and most of the larger Indonesian Islands.

The Wreathed Hornbill (RM5), depicted on the wooden embossed minisheet at the left hand bottom corner of the First Day Cover, is a colourful species of hornbill found in forests from far north-eastern India and Bhutan, east and south through mainland Southeast Asia and the Greater Sunda. It is about 70 to 100cm in size, with both sexes looking almost alike. These birds prefer broad-leaf evergreen mixed deciduous forests and forest on islands and are found at a maximum elevation of about 1,800 metres.

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