Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seitseminen National Park 8.2.1982

Seitseminen National Park is located in the municipalities of Ikaalinen and Ylöjärvi in Finland. The national park was established in 1982 and later expanded in 1989. It now covers 45.5 square kilometres (17.6 sq mi). The park is a typical mix of upland and lowland coniferous boreal forests of the Suomenselkä watershed region. Upland areas are dominated by closed productive stands of Norway Spruce and Scots Pine while lowland areas are covered by sphagnum swamp and bog areas that also contain stunted (Scots Pine) and shrub like (Norway Spruce). These swamp and bog areas appear to be barren due to the sparse tree densities. Parts of the park contain some of the most ancient and oldest forests that are accessible to public in Finland.
The Kovero Farm, a tenant farm established in 1859, is part of the cultural heritage area of the park. Seitseminen National Park received the European Diploma of Protected Areas on June 19, 1996.  Thank you Pia for this interesting cover which was issued on 8.2.1982 on the inauguration of this Park.

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