Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beauty Contests

A young stamp collector from Goa, 15 year old Maria Braganza asked me a very moot question. She said that I must be a thematic collector, and the theme must be Religion. She came to this conclusion because my first post had displayed a miniature sheet depicting the Exposition of St. Francis Xavier. A very observant girl indeed!
Yes, I am a thematic collector. What is my theme – Simple, the theme is stamp collecting and everything associated with it eg stamps, first day covers, miniature sheets, folders etc etc. In other words, you name a philatelic product and either I have it or I’ll try to search for it, if it tickles my sensibilities, and it could be from any part of the world. And it does not matter if it is flowers, butterflies, ships, locomotives and even beauty queens. Yes, Beauty Queens. I have one of ‘Miss World 1963’ from Jamaica. Well that would be a wonderful theme wouldn’t it? Well take alook at Miss World.

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