Thursday, June 25, 2009

“Does the philatelic value of a stamp depend upon the size of a country? If so, would stamps of say, Bhutan have any value in the philatelic environment?”
Size of a country I am sure, is of no consequence. Take for example, issues from Tonga, New Zealand, Bhutan as you have suggested and many other smaller countries, they are mostly very beautiful. They are also topical, and hence, I am sure these stamps must be very popular with collectors around the world. At least they are with me. Not being in the philatelic trading business I won’t be able to answer the second part of your question. For a satisfactory answer to this part of your question, you would have to consult professionals in the trade. But, I do believe that the most valuable stamps in the world were issued in very small countries.
On the other hand if by ‘value’ you mean importance, then I can confidently say that Bhutanese stamps must be occupying an important niche in most collections around the world.
Lets now take a look at some of my favorite Bhutanese stamps to see and understand what I really mean. The famous ‘Tankha’ stamps were printed on fabric. Coin shaped stamps are a rarity in most countries The Gold coin stamps were issued to commemorate the 20th Birthday of the former King Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Bhutan has also issued stamps in every format. 3D and embossed lovelies were issued many years ago. But, I now believe that have also introduced stamps in the CD format.

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