Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Flying Fish

I recently received a very interesting special cover commemorating the Golden Jubilee of INAS (Indian Naval Air Sqn) 550 from a friend of mine Captain Vijesh Garg who is Commanding INS Garuda, at Kochi in Kerala. This is one of the Indian Navy’s air stations.
INAS 550 “Flying Fish’ was commissioned on 17 June 1959 as the first Air Squadron of the Indian Navy. The flying fish has operated 13 different kinds of aircraft (shown on the special cover). These included amphibians, helicopters and fighters, over the last 50 years. The stalwart MR aircraft, Islander and the newer Dorniers form the mainstay of the squadron tasked to maintain a constant vigil on India’s Southern maritime borders, and, undertake training of the Navy’s fledgling Maritime Reconnaissance pilots and observers. This blog salutes this brave Squadron and the personnel who serve in it. Bravo Zulu.

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