Monday, February 29, 2016

Selected Artworks of Zheng Banqiao 22.11.1993

Zheng Banqiao (1693-1765), born in Xing Hua, Jiangsu province, is famous for his painting and calligraphy, inscription of stone tablets and poem. He was the magistrate in Fan and Wei Counties in Shandong province when he was 49. Having been dismissed from the office, he returned to his hometown -Yangzhou and made his living by selling paintings. He was good at painting bamboo, orchid and stone. Particularly, the harmonization of poem, calligraphy and paintings gained widely popularity. Based on Chinese regular script, cursive script, official script and seal character, he created a new kind of style of calligraphy combined the characteristic of regular script and official script.
China issued a set of six sprcial stamps on 22.11.1993 entitled “Selected Artworks of Zheng Banqiao". The stamps depict respectively “Fan Painting of Bamboo and Rocks”, “Painting of Orchard”, “Large Central Scroll Painting of Orchard, Bamboo and Rocks”, “Painting of Vase and Chrysanthemum”, Chinese calligraphy on Fan.”

Thank you Merja for this lovely set if FDCs.

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