Thursday, November 19, 2015

Anniversaries & Events 28.9.1981

(25) 150th Anniversary of the birth of Heinrich von Stephan
On 9th October 1874, on the initiative of Heinrich von Stephan, the Director of the Postal Services of Germany, representatives from 22 countries convened in Berne, Switzerland, and signed the Convention for the establishment of a "General Postal Union" which in 1878 was renamed "Universal Postal Union". Heinrich von Stephan is considered the founder of the U.P.U. and Cyprus, like many other countries, is releasing this stamp of 25 mils to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth.

(40) World Food Day
The Food and Agriculture Organization is one of the main agencies of the United Nations. It was set up to provide the member countries with scientific, technical, financial and other assistance to enable them to increase their production of agricultural goods and food supplies. In its attempt to attain its target, the F.A.O. has proclaimed the 16th October as the World Food Day. The stamp of 40 mils has been released on the occasion of its event.

(1.25) International Year for the Disabled
With the slogan "full participation and equality" the General Assembly of the United Nations Organisation proclaimed 1981 as the International Year for the Disabled. It aims at making known, all over the world, the demands of the disabled persons. This consists in the creation of the necessary and proper conditions which will allow the disabled persons to compete on equal terms with their colleagues who are sound of limb. Cyprus has released the stamp of 125 mils contributing to the promotion of these aims.

(1.50) Urban Renaissance
In its efforts to make the public aware of the need for the improvement of living condition in towns, the Council of Europe has proclaimed a European campaign for Urban Renaissance. It aims at improving and reforming the urban environment and providing social, educational, cultural and transportation services for better living conditions in a more human environment. The stamp of 150 mils has been released on this occasion.

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