Sunday, June 21, 2015

Colonial Military Uniforms 25.2.1985

With a sense of derring-do, the young men of Australia drilled to defend the colonies from potential aggressors during the latter decades of the nineteenth century.  In the main, they were volunteers who proudly donned their colourful uniforms on weekends - returning to the daily rounds of civilian life on Monday mornings. 

Scores of colonial regiments were formed throughout the country, five of which are represented here: Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery, Western Australian Pinjarrah Cavalry, New South Wales Lancers, New South Wales Contingent to the Sudan, and Victorian Mounted Rifles.

The New South Wales Contingent was Australia's first fighting force to serve in an overseas campaign, and this issue of stamps coincides with the centenary of their departure for the Sudan. The New South Wales Lancers (then known as the Sydney Light Horse) made its first public appearance in the Sudan Contingent's departure parade.

Thank you Merja for this FDC with a wonderful set of stamps on them.

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