Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bellflower 8.5.2014

It took him several weeks to find the perfect nettle-leaved bellflower to photograph for this year’s SEPAC stamps. 
Photographer Andy Horner spent quite some time in a ditch before he could catch it in ultimate lighting.

Finding the perfect nettle-leaved bellflower was not so easy. This type of bellflower is not very common in Åland and it grows in shady deciduous forests, not exactly the ideal environment to shoot this towering flower without any shadows and against a clean background. Nature photographer Andy Horner was on the lookout for weeks. 

Nettle-leaved bellflower belongs to the family Campanulaceae. In Åland, we find some 15 species. Its square stem and serrated leaves resemble those of the nettle, hence the name. The Latin name Campanula trachelium derives from campa meaning bell and trachelium meaning throat. The herb was formerly used to treat sore throat. 

Thank you Dear Ella for this lovely FDC with the bellflower stamp.

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