Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spain 8.10.1980 - ESPAMER-80

The King of Spain, Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, declared open on 8.10.1980, at the Palacio de Cristal de la Casa de Campo the most important philatelic exhibition that has been organized so far in Spain, called Espamer 80, where the elite meet Stamp collectors from America and Europe, responding to the motto Spain, bridge between two cultures of America and Europe..
 At the exhibition, which will be the culmination of the four others of this kind that have been held so far, involved, Spain, and twenty European and American countries. Over a hundred million pesetas was the budget for this sample, whose preparation took one year. Government support has been instrumental, through an organizing committee chaired by the Minister of Transport and Communications. The main objectives of the exhibition were designed to serve the promotion of philately in the participating countries and strengthen the bonds of friendship and fellowship.
As is usual in this type of exhibitions, a series of commemorative postage stamps were issued on this occasion a leaf block of four stamps further comprising two bullets, no postal value, with the emblem of the exhibition.

Thank you Maria.

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