Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Singapore 17.6.2013 - Greetings

Greetings are part of our everyday life. Everyone greets whenever they meet a stranger or when expressing their friendliness. It is a gesture of good will, warm regards and wishes to one another. Even the deaf have their own forms of greetings for each other. In this stamp issue, SingPost is featuring 5 different greetings in sign language that are commonly used among the deaf community in Singapore - Hi, Welcome, Thanks, Good Bye and I Love You.

Greetings with Sign Languages stamp issue aims to create greater awareness of the deaf community in our midst, and at the same time, allows everyone to learn how to communicate with the deaf community with simple greetings in sign languages. SingPost hopes this stamp issue will bring cheer to you as you learn the greetings in sign languages!

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