Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EUROPA 2005 - Gastronomy - Greenland - Wild Arctic Muskox Meat 17.1.2005

The theme for EUROPA stamps in 2005 was 'Gastronomy'. This stamp issued by Greenland on 17.1.2005 shows one of the popular dishes made out of Muskox Meat.

Muskox often referred to as 'Oomingmak' or 'Bearded One' by the Inuit, the Wild Arctic Muskox spends eight months of the year digging through the snow of Canada's Northwest Territories and Greenland to feed on dried plants.

Flavourful, natural and lean, the Wild Arctic Muskox is a wild, free ranging animal harvested in carefully supervised native hunts. The meat of the muskox is therefore 100% "naturally organic" and a premium alternative to beef. While carrying a slightly higher price tag because of the lengths required to get muskox to market, it has found a loyal following with chefs and home cooks alike who treasure its exquisite flavour and moist, tender texture. Easily substituted into any venison recipe, its uses are limited only by the creativity in the kitchen. Culinary Team Canada has used muskox on several occasions to award-winning results!

Select Cuts. Tenderloin, Striploin, Frenched Rack, Frenched Chops, Rib Eye Roll, Hind Leg Bone In/Boneless, Denver Hind Leg, Escalopes/Tournedos, Boneless Shoulder (chuck), Stewing Meat, Ground, Trim, Burgers, Westphalian Ham & Mipkuzola ("Eskimo-style" Proscuitto).

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