Sunday, February 9, 2014

Four Famous Waterfalls of Transkei

These stamps on the impressive cover were issued by Transkei Tourism highlighting Four Different Famous Waterfalls with the aim of attracting tourists. And I am sure they must have succeeded!
The major waterfalls in Transkei, though spectacularly beautiful, are almost all fairly inaccessible except to enthusiastic hikers. Enquiries should be made at the nearest town regarding the condition of the roads leading to the falls.
Bawa Falls (10c), six kilometres from Butterworth, are over 100 metres high and legend has that the sheer rock face was used as an execution site by die Fingo chiefs. Believed to be one of only three places in the world where a river enters the sea over a waterfall, Waterfall Bluff (15c) on the Mlambomkulu River is more than 60 metres high and after the rainy season is a unique sight, with the turbulent brown flood waters plunging into the waves lapping the Transkei coastline. The route to Waterfall Bluff is via Lusikisiki on the Lupatana Road and entails a 45-minute walk, but it is well worth the effort.
Also fairly close to Lusikisiki are the well-known Magwa Falls (4c). These falls appear insignificant at first glance but the narrow, slow-moving river suddenly plunges 125 metres down a narrow gorge, the spray from the falls drenching the rock face only metres away. Tsitsa Falls (20c), not far from Qumbu, are 106 metres high and present an awe-inspiring sight when in full flood. It is possible that within the next five years a hydro-electric scheme similar to and as large as that at Cabora Bassa will be sited here. These falls are situated about 15 kilometres from the main Durban/East London road. For centuries the small, pretty waterfalls found along every river have served both as a refreshing cold shower and as a laundry for Transkeians.

Thank you Maria for this nice FDC with very pretty stamps.

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