Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ignacy J. Paderewski

The seventh addition to the “Champions of Liberty” Series, U.S. 4¢ Ignacy J. Paderewski, honors Polish patriot and musician Ignacy Jan Paderewski. The stamp pictures an image of Paderewski based on a painting by famed Polish artist Tade Styka. The stamp was issued on 8.10.1960 at Washington, DC. The postmark also includes the Townhall in Krakow in Ploland.

Ignacy J. Paderewski (1860-1941) was a Polish Composer/Statesman. Born in Poland, Ignacy Paderewski was arguably the finest musician of his era, and also famed for his wit. Paderewski frequently performed before huge crowds in the U.S. He bought land in California and established a vineyard.  Paderewski championed Poland’s independence and later served as its third Prime Minister. He died in New York in 1941 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Thank you Merja.

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