Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Star Flag stamp 9.1.1963

The U.S. 1963-66 5¢ 50-Star Flag Blue and red coloured stamp was the first stamp to meet the increased 5¢ domestic letter rate. Featuring the American Flag, it is also the only U.S. definitive or commemorative stamp not to have any lettering at all on it, although it does show the denomination that went into effect two days before it was issued on 9.1.1963.
This stamp is one of the few U.S. stamps that doesn’t note the country that issued it, although the image of the flag makes it clear. Earlier in the year, Postmaster General J. Edward Day had noted that “only precedent” suggested that “U.S.,” or “U.S.A.,” or some other sign of nationality should be included.

Thank you Merja for this FDC.

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