Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NEW ZEALAND 1982 Palmpex '82 National Stamp Exhibition.

This cover was used to promote the Stampex82 exhibition which would happen nearly two years later.

Palmpex '82 National Philatelic Exhibition - Palmerston North - City of Roses. It was stamped with the new 20 cent rose overprinted stamp.
The postage label depicted under the Rose stamp on the cover was issued to commemorate the Palmpex’82 National Stamp Exhibition held at the Centennial Convention Centre in Palmerston North on 15-23 May 1982. Incidentally Palmerston is known as the City of Roses, for obvious reasons.
The 20c Rose overprint and the FDC were issued in 1980 in order to popularise and publicise Palmex’82.
Thank you Maria for this FDC.

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