Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Famous Personalities

The two stamps on this cover are part of a five set series of stamps issued by Iceland on 03.07.1979 to commemorate Famous Personalities. Maria my friendsent me this FDC. A brief history of thetwo ladies depicted on thestamps isgiven below.
Torfhildur Holm (February 2, 1845 - November 14, 1918) was an Icelandic writer. She was the first Icelandic writer who wrotehistorical novels and was also the first woman who wrote novels in English in Iceland. Torfhildur was born in Kálfafellsstaður inSkaftafellsýslu on second February 1845. Her parents were Thorstein Einarson priest and Gudrid Torfadóttir. Torfhildur studiedEnglish and hannyrðanám. Torfhildur moved to America in 1876 and her first novel, Tears Flower appeared in 1879 in a westernEnglish newspaper.
Inga H. Bjarnason (born in Thingeyri at Dýrafjörður December 14, 1867, d. Oct. 30, 1941) was the first woman to be elected to Parliament. She sat in Parliament from 1922 to 1930.  Inga was the daughter of Earl Bjarnason and Johanna Kristin Þorleifsdóttir. Inga completed her school degree in Reykjavik in 1882 and studied with Thora Pétursdóttir (also known as Thora Bishop) during 1882-1884. With Thora she studied drawing, Danish and English. She studied in various disciplines related to upbringing and education, and Physical education and earned a gymnastics teacher’sdegree. The first Icelandic lady to do so. Inga placed great emphasis on the importance of physical education.  

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