Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Garden Plants and Greenhouses 16.4.1982

The stamp was issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Aura Trädgårdsvänner i Åbo (the society of "gardening friends" in Turku) on 16th April 1982. Thank you Pia for this lovely cover.
Many vegetables, berries, and fruits would grow better in Finland if the climate was warmer. Climate change may improve the conditions for horticulture in Finland. Nevertheless there is need to prepare for the changes by adapting the current and more southern plant species to suit the future climate, by developing new varieties, and by adopting new means of controlling pests that may be introduced as a result of climate change.
Many root and non-root vegetables, berries, and fruits are also grown outdoors and in greenhouses, albeit that annual crops are limited to tens of millions of kilograms. Of these horticultural products, the most common outdoor-grown vegetable is carrot, followed by onions, white cabbage, swede, and beetroot. Strawberries make up the largest outdoor berry crop, and strawberries are also the only berries produced on the same scale as the most common vegetables. Other berries that are grown in relatively large quantities are currants and raspberries. The only fruit trees to produce substantial harvests in Finland are apple trees. The most commonly cultivated greenhouse plants are tomato and cucumber. In addition to edible plants, greenhouses are also used to grow flowers, such as tulips, roses, and poinsettias.

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