Friday, September 14, 2012

Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

 What is Peaceful use of Outer Space?
"Peaceful Use of outer Space" leads the way for the people of the world to see how peaceful co-existence can be achieved. Outer Space has also become a focus as one of the United Nation's five global commons, which belong equally to all mankind.
Space. Outer space is simply the space beyond the atmosphere of the Earth. Most of outer space is emptiness, but there are areas where matter and energy have gathered--forming galaxies and solar systems.
Outer space is the largest global commons. In 1967, the United Nations declared outer space "the common province of Mankind." Therefore, information gained from weather observation satellites is shared by many countries, and communication satellites can be used to 'beam' television programs around the world. In addition, countries that are able to launch rockets into space are cooperating in order to learn better how to live and work in outer space. For example, thirteen nations are engaged in building an International Space Station. Merja sent me this very nice FDC. The stamps were issued By The UN on 14th March 1975 and postmarked at New York.

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