Thursday, September 13, 2012

China Maritime Day

Harry from China sent me this nice FDC. On 11th July 2010. The China National Philatelic Corporation issued this FDC with one commemorative stamp entitled "China Maritime Day".

China Maritime Day falls on 11th July, the anniversary of the date  Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty royal court set out on his first overseas voyage. Designated by the State Council in 2005, it is  a national day celebrated by navigation, fishery, shipbuilding, and maritime research and education industries as well as naval forces, often involving cultural activities for popularising navigation and maritime knowledge, enhancing the awareness of coastal defence, and promoting social harmony. It is also the executive date of World Maritime Day in China. China Maritime Day 2010 highlighted the theme of "ocean, sailor and strait",with its primary celebration venue at Quangzhou, Fujian Province.

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