Monday, June 18, 2012

By devoting World Health Day 1992 to the theme of heart health, it was the aim of the World Health Organization to increase public awareness of the worldwide dimensions of cardiovascular diseases, and to sound an alarm against their spread. Cardiovascular diseases are diseases of the highest social and medical importance. They are taking about 12 millions lives annually. Many victims are under the age of 65 years. Fortunatelly, many of the diseases could be prevented or postponed to the older age, as 3/4 of the cases are results of inadequate attitudes, knowledge, habits and behaviour. Intervention programme for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases conducted in Novi Sad in Serbia, has demonstrated its potential role regarding the leading risk factors, incidence and mortality from acute miocardial infarction and stroke.

Brunei Darussalam issued these three pretty stamps and the impressive cover and postmark on 7th April 1992. My dear friend Maria sent me this wonderful FDC.

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