Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Europa theme focusing on tourism 9.5.2012


This year's Europa theme is Visit, followed by the country or city in focus on the respective European issue. The stamp Visit Åland  issued on 9th  May gives a summery  picture of Åland. My dear friend Ella sent me this lovely FDC and card.
Visit Åland is also the name of the official tourist organisation of Åland with approximately 340 members. The main function of Visit Åland is to market Åland as a destination and to develop tourism in Åland together with the local hospitality industry. The logotype of Visit Åland is the Åland flag, which reappears on the first day postmark, the back of the cover and the stamp sheet. The stamp photo was shot at the old ‘Kobba klintar' pilot station just outside Mariehamn. ‘Kobba klintar' was also featured on the 2010 Nordic miniature sheet.               

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