Sunday, April 22, 2012

4th International Congress of Cypriot Studies - Miniature Sheet 4.4.2008

The institution of Cyprological Congresses was founded in 1969 by the Society of Cypriot Studies. Up to now, three congresses have been organised (1st in 1969, 2nd in 1982, and 3rd in 1996). The 4th International Cyprological Congress took place in Nicosia from 29 April to 3 May 2008. The impressive meeting of a large number of researchers (about 350 people) from all continents, as well as the
quantity and quality of the announcements prove the huge scientific interest represented by Cyprus and the international recognition acquired by the Cyprological Congress as an institution. The aim of the meeting is mainly the direct exchange of specialized archaeological, historical, philological and other information about Cyprus. The Congress is divided into three sections: Ancient (prehistoric roman periods), Byzantine-Medieval (330-1571 AD) and Recent (1571 up to nowadays) and covers a wide spectrum of subjects related to Cypriology. This impressive miniature sheet is a very good representation of the history of Cypriot study through archeology. I was lucky to get this minisheet from an envelope sent to me from Cyprus by my dear friend Merja.

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