Saturday, April 21, 2012

25th Anniv. of EFTA - European Free Trade Association 2.2.1985

The European Free Trade Association or EFTA is a free trade organisation between four European countries that operates parallel to, and is linked to, the European  Union (EU). EFTA was established on
3 May 1960 as a trade bloc-alternative for European states who were either unable to, or chose not to, join the then-European Economic Community (EEC) which has now become the EU. The Stockholm Convention, establishing EFTA, was signed on 4 January 1960 in Stockholm by seven
Today's EFTA members are Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland—the latter two being founding members. The initial Stockholm Convention was superseded by the Vaduz Convention, which provides for the liberalisation of trade among the member states.
Designer of the stamp and cover was Paavo Huovinen. The stamp was issued on 2.2.1985. This FDC was sent to me by my dear friend Pia.

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