Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yes to Life, No to Drugs

Budin sent me this FDC from Malaysia. Hand in hand with the globalisation of the world’s economy, has come the globalisation of drug abuse.Drug abuse is a problem faced by countries worldwide, and is a challenge to the International community. Non-goverment organisations (NGO’s) throughout the world play a major part in preventing drug and substance abuse. The International Federation of NGO’s for prevention of drug and substance abuse (IFNGO) comprises of NGO’s all over the world engaged in the advocasy and prevention of drug abuse activities. Through the IFNGO, NGO.s share ideas and learn from the experience of other’s, in order to create a safer woeld.

The IFNGO has played a significant role in fostering cooperation and collaboration between Government and NGO’s throughout the world. The IFNGO has demonstrated leadership and direction on these issues through its biennial world conferences, and workshops. Last November 2011, the 30th Anniversary of IFNGO was celebrated in conjunction with the 24th IFNGO World Conference which was hosted by ANCD, Australia and co-hosted and organised by PEMADAM Malaysia, and convened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is IFNGO’s objective to work together as one, to pursue activities to prevent drug and substance abuse in order to achieve a Drug-free Society.

The stamps and the cover were issued on 27.2.2012. The details of the stamps are:-

(a) 60sen (setennant). They are designed to portray a happy life that can be achieved via a healthy lifestyle without drugs. One of the stamps features a happy and healthy family. The other stamp features a healthy environment amongst teenagers and their peers. This is because a healthy lifestyle begins from young age, where the family plays a major role in moulding a child. Then when the child reaches adolescence, his peers play an important part.

(b) RM1 stamp depicts the next stage, where the child reaches adulthood and joins the professional category. In short, this stamp aims to stress on the fact that a healthy lifestyle from the beginning to the end of life of a person can be achieved by choosing to say YES TO LIFE, NO TO DRUGS, and ensure a bright and healthy future for all.

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