Monday, March 12, 2012

Modern Art in Homg Kong

Hong Kong has always been a convergengent point of oriental and occidental cultures. It is within this context that local contemporary art has developed. This set of special stemps on the cover depicts various paintings and sculptures by four leading Hong Kong artists. Each of them has his own distictive style of artistic expression. They together with many local artists, have made invaluable contributions to art education and promotion in Hong Kong. The four items chosen for depiction on stamps are representative examples of the artist’ work in the areas of medium, subject matter and artistic style. The FDC and the stamps on it were issued on 19th July, 1989. The details of the stamps very briefly are :-

60c Cheung Yee (born 1936). Twin. 1965. Wood. This sculpture was inspired by a Chinese character and reveals a primitive feeling through the treatment of wood and the subject matter.

$1.40 Chen, Luis (born 1905), Figures, 1965-85. Acrylic on paper. In this painting, ink lines are applied to outline the figures, which are juxtaposed. Every face on the figure tells a story. A closer look into these cartoon-like images may lead one to discover a complex psychological world.

$1.80 Van Lau (born 1933), Lotus, 1936, Copper. The lotus depicted on the stamp is one of the artist’s endeavours in representing Chinese subject martters in three-dimensional form.

$5.00 Lui Shou-kwan (1919-1975), Zen painting, 1970. Ink and colour on paper. The painting reflects the philosophy of Zen through the image of a lotus. The black horizontal bold strokes of ink may be regarded as mud in the pond.

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