Saturday, March 10, 2012

Encounter In Space “With Friendship” Stamps.12.1.2000

The friends do some space travel in the stamps of the “With Friendship” booklet, issued on January 12th, 2000. The booklet comes from the Finland Post, conveying feelings of empathy, care, and co-operation, contains six stamps, each with a face value of FIM 3.50.
The thought: “To encounter the unknown together” led the designer of the booklet, Ms Tiina Kuoppala, to the space motif. “I arranged space in such a manner that the coldest and most distant planets, Neptune and Pluto, are farthest to the right, and the last planets to be used are the ones closest to the sun, the Earth and Mars”, the designer explains. “Migratory birds use the planet Neptune as a balloon, an aid in their travel through space. There are two entrance openings in the nesting box, but just one home, conveying the idea that a true friend’s home is yours as well”, Ms Kuoppala says. On the most distant and coldest planet, Pluto, there is a big igloo, housing our friends. The stamp shows two friends, one of which is a polar bear, at play: the one is blowing soap bubbles that freeze to ice, while the other one is catching them.
The Jupiter stamp shows the friends painting the smiling giant red. They work in close cooperation. On the Saturn stamp, the friends are trying to set the planet in motion: the one tries to rock it, the other one trusts in the lifting force of a heart-shaped balloon.
On Mars, our traveler encountered a huge sand storm: he was blown out in space, but his friend, a green Martian, manages to rescue him with a magnet.
In the stamp depicting the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, the traveler carries the Earth on his back towards the heat and the light. The traveler carries his companion as well: the stronger carries the weaker. The Moon is important to the Earth, so it’s not left behind.
Greetings and messages, to be affixed on the letter, are printed along the edges of the sheet let. Thank you Pia for this extremely nice FDC, with such a delightful theme.

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