Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saint Lucia – Contact with the New Worlds

On Aug. 4, 1992, the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia issued a set of four stamps (Scott # 993-86) on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of Ameica. They tried to make the set as relevant to St. Lucia as possible, since Columbus didn’t actually land, but possibly MIGHT have seen the island when he sailed near it in 1502. The stamps were designed by Robert Devaux, with artwork by Derek Miller. They were printed by lithography by SN Cartor SA of Australia. The designs depict:

· 15¢ – American Indians (Amerinds), who settled in coastal villages.
· 40¢ – First sighting of the island by Juan de la Cosa’s fleet in 1499. · 50¢ – Columbus’s flagship, which sailed south of Martinique in 1502 and might have seen St. Lucia in the distance.
· $5.00 – Explorer Gimie, who was ship-wrecked and rescued (on the feast of Saint Lucia, Dec. 13). Morne Gimie mountain is named after him.
Maria sent this pretty FDC.

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