Monday, July 18, 2011

EUROPA - Cyprus – Cyprus Handicrafts 3.5.1976

The geographical position between three continents made the island of Cyprus the crossroad of eastern and western civilization. Through the passage of time it has created its own history and culture. Craftsmen through the ages created a wealth of traditions in folk art. The Cypriot artisan through his work expresses his inside world and feelings. His knowledge and inspiration as well as the experiences and ideas survived through the ages as they were passed on from one generation to the other.

In 1975 the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism undertook the responsibility for the preservation of Cyprus Folk Art, its development and encouragement into modern cottage industry and handicrafts. Specialized members of the staff made studies and started projects which were initially funded by the High Commission for Refugees with the main target of offering employment to refugees and other affected persons and in parallel to this, the long term development of cottage industry and handicrafts. Today the Cyprus Handicraft Service development programme covers a wide range of activities, actions and services. Merja sent me this cover with the pretty stamps issued on 3.5.1976.

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