Friday, July 15, 2011

Finland – Farmhouses 15.11.1979

This FDC with ten pretty stamps featuring Faermhouses were issued on 15.10.1979 and sent to me by My Dear Friend Ella. Tourists visiting Finland must stay on Finland farmhouses to get an authentic feel of rural Finland. Staying on the various farmhouses in Finland provides a vivid picture of the lifestyle and living of village people in Finland. Finland has extensive stretches of farms on which, several farmhouses are built for providing accommodation facilities to the guests. The farmhouses of Finland are located amidst immense natural beauty and are also set up on the banks of rivers or lakes, which enhances the beauty of the farmhouse.

Finland farmhouses are almost 500 in number. There are wide options to choose from in the farmhouses of Finland. Guests can book the farmhouse on full board, bed and breakfast, half board and self-catering basis. The farmhouses are graded as per the facilities and amenities provided. There are one star to five star farmhouses in Finland. Rates of these farmhouses vary with the season. In the peak season, the prices are comparatively high. The duration of stay in these farmhouses of Finland depends on the whims of the visitor.

The farmhouses in Finland may not have all the modern and sophisticated facilities and amenities, but the rooms are well maintained and clean. The rooms usually have an attached bathroom. Full care is taken so that proper hygiene is maintained. Most of the farmhouses in Finland are concentrated in the eastern and central part of the country.

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