Monday, June 20, 2011

Tulips 1.4.2011

"Bunch of tulips", consisting of yellow and white flowers is perfect for Easter greetings. The famous stamp artist Leena Airikkala has designed the stamp on this pretty cover. You can nearly feel the scent of tulips and the leathery of their leaves when you look at this genuine-looking bouquet on the stamp. Thank you very much Dear Ella for this nice FDC.
Tulip FDC was mainly for Easter greetings. Decorating Easter eggs is a popular tradition in many countries. Finnish people decorate their homes for Easter often with yellow flowers, decorated eggs, yellow chickens, Easter Bunnies. On the left hand sideof the cover there are some colourful eggs. An egg is a symbol for fertility and growth. In Christian tradition eggs are symbols of resurrection, And of course eggs and chickens belong together. And here we come across the eternally debated question of, which one came first - the chicken or the egg. And this answers the question, “Why is there a chicken in the postmark, on the FDC”. In shortl, chickens are symbols of Easter just like yellow flowers and decorated eggs.

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