Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lighthouses 4.5.2011

A lighthouse is a structure, usually in the form of a tower, that shines a light out to sea to be seen be seafarers. For this reason lighthouses are placed on promontories, in ports and hazardous sea areas. Each lighthouse sends its light in a particular manner over a specified distance, at fixed intervals and duration and in specific colours that are internationally known and recorded in nautical codes.
The three stamps in this series which were issued on 04.05.2011 depict three of the lighthouses of Cyprus; those at Kiti (shown on the FDC below with the minisheet of the stamp), Paphos and Cape Greco. One of the major landmarks in the area, the local lighthouse sits atop the cliffs of Cape Kiti, a couple of miles outside Pervolia. This location marks the southern end of Larnaca bay, and the beginning of the island's rocky south coast. The other FDC (above) shows stamps featuring , The lighthouse in Paphos which is located west of the town's Castle. And, The Cape Greco lighthouse which was built at the end of the cape bearing the same name on the south-east coast of Cyprus. These lighthouses, in their current form, were built in the last quarter of the 19th century and local materials were used in their construction. Today, their conventional operational mechanisms have been replaced with modern solar photovoltaic system, increasing the strength of their light and the range of their visibility from seven to seventeen nautical miles. The operation of these lighthouses is the responsibility of the Cyprus Ports Authority.

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