Monday, May 30, 2011

EUROPA - Cyprus – Forests 4.5.2011

This year's series "Europe 2011" consists of two stamps of 51 and 68 cent and has "Forests" as its theme. This theme has been chosen by the European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop) and is common to all country-members of this Association.
The forest, as we all know, is an area of large or small trees and bushes that densely cover a relatively large area of land. In contrast with an artificial forest, that is made up of trees planted by man, the natural forest consists of naturally grown trees that have developed on their own and has various names such as thicket, wood, or, if it is a small area, it is known as a spinney.
All natural forests constitute a particular community with their own life. An entire world with trees, all sorts of greenery, various wild animals, large and small birds, reptiles and bugs live in the forest, depending on the characteristics of every region. The trees in the forests differ according to the geographical zone or area. In the cold forests of North Europe, Canada and North America, evergreen coniferous trees are found, whereas n the forests of the temperate zone, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold, broad-leaf deciduous trees dominate the area. In the warmer climates we find the tropical forests, where the tips of the tall trees form a canopy cover, allowing hardly any light to pass through, making it an ideal area where exotic birds of paradise are found.
There are many benefits to a country in having a forest; in addition to their contribution to the economy of a country and the improvement to the residents' standards of living from their direct benefits, forests provide us with oxygen, have an effect on the climate of the area, mitigate extreme heat from the atmosphere, are wind breaks, prevent soil erosion, regulate the movement of surface and underground waters and spread happiness and joy, offering places of pleasure, where the public go to hunt, picnic, camp, walk and enjoy nature. Without the forests, there would be no life on our planet. My Dear friend Merja sent this FDC.

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