Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nordic Countries -The North By the Sea - Life at the Coast

The Nordic countries are separated, or united, by the water surrounding them. The coasts offer great variation with long stretches of sandy beaches or smooth rocks for swimming and sunbathing. Leafy archipelagos, deep fjords and dramatic coastlines with barren rocks and ice offer splendid nature experiences, while the coastal towns turn their most attractive side towards the water.
The people living along the coasts have always adapted to and drawn on their proximity to the sea for both their enjoyment and their livelihood as well. My friend Ella sent me this lovely stamp book, which has the 2010 issues of stamps of ‘Life at the Coast’ series of stamps of the Nordic countries in minisheets. This was a joint issue on 24 March 2010. Over the next couple of days I shall display these gems for your pleasure. A word of advice – please click on the pictures to enlarge them and derive the maximum out of the display.

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