Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finland – New stamps

Also on January 24, two stamps in the shape of a plus sign, each with a different value were issued; these can be used to increase the value of previously purchased stamps if necessary. The themes of the stamps illustrated by Teemu Ollikainen and Timo Berry are a birch bud (0.20) and a birch leaf (0.30).

From 1st February, will start a New letter sending policy: Because of this new policy Itella needed new 2nd class stamps. That’s why Itella issued so many new stamps on the same day. As of February, all letters, papers, packages and direct advertisements delivered by Posti will be carbon neutral. This is said to be ‘first in the world’. All deliveries are carbon-neutral - for the first time in the world. This feature will be automatically included in all products without any extra charges for customers. The first step towards carbon neutrality is the active reduction of CO2 emissions of mail deliveries through measures taken by Itella. Taking part in climate projects that replace the use of fossil fuels and produce renewable energy through wind or biogas compensates the remaining emissions. Thank you Ella for this FDC.

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