Monday, January 31, 2011

National Opera 24.1.2011

The Finnish National Opera (FNO) will celebrate its one-hundredth birthday in 2011. In honour of the jubilee the miniature sheet of four stamps was issued.
The visual themes of a miniature sheet focus on scenes from six popular operas from different points in time. The operas selected in the miniature sheet designed by Tarja Salonen depicts scenes from the operas “The Last Temptations” by Joonas Kokkonen, “The Red Line” by Aulis Sallinen, and “The Knight of the Rose” by Richard Strauss. The program year begins on January 24 with the celebration of the 100-year-old Finnish National Opera. The miniature sheet resembles a festive stage set where the light puts scenes from beloved operas center stage. The Finnish National Opera in Helsinki is the leading opera company in Finland. Its home base is the Opera House on Töölönlahti bay in Töölö which opened in 1993, and is state-owned through Senate Properties. The Opera House features state-of-the-art technology and two auditoriums: the main auditorium with 1,350 seats and a smaller studio auditorium with 300 to 500 seats. Ella sent me this lovely first day cover.

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