Thursday, July 8, 2010

Singapore – Indicia RiposteDispatch

The cover shown was issued on 13th May, 2000. It was to celebrate the First Global Electronic Indicia Mailing. This system of postal tariff was another landmark in postal communication – the world’s first ever global mailing using a full-colour electronic stamp. This communication was prepared using Escher Group’s RiposteDispatch product, and the envelope displayed features the RiposteMark indicia, which was approved as a form of postage by Singapore Post.

RiposteMark consists of technologies which can capure the natural variations in structure and texture of the envelope paper. These natural varieties in the fibres of the paper are used to create a unique identification for each mail item which can be encoded within the indicia mark. This “smart” security prevents duplication of the indicia. Using RiposteMark for data collection and data mining speeds up the detection and location of any attempted fraud.

As well as affording enhanced revenue protection, the indicia solution also preserves the aesthetic advantages of traditional postage while creating a universe of new opportunities.

This rare and unique cover was given to me Mr Ari Lyytinen to whom this cover was addressed.

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