Friday, July 9, 2010

Norway - Europa 2009 ~ Astronomy issue

Astronomy issue in miniature sheet form (with a combined value of 22.00 NOK) carries both stamps and also features a large image of a solar eclipse in the background. The limb on the right side of the sheet depicts the "Bailey's Beads" effect and some flares erupting from the Sun's surface. Across the bottom of the sheet is a diagram of the planets in our solar system with a table of information regarding each, such as - their maximum and minimum distances from the Sun and the number of years it takes the planets to circle the Sun. The sheet also displays the full image of the bodies featured on the stamps. The silver ink of the text and brilliant colors of the images make for a very handsome design against the predominantly black sheet. One should make special note of the fact that actual "meteorite dust" has been sprinkled next to the country name on both stamps. This wonderful MS was sent to me by my friend Sissel.

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