Friday, July 31, 2009

USSR - Transport - Railways

I will get back to sports in the near future. The non-sporting enthusiasts have been sending ‘not so subtle’ hints, that they have had a bit too many sports posts for the time being, and that all play and no work does make Jack a dull boy. So, where do I go next? I don’t know where, but I do know how I may get there. By, land sea or air transportation. So, that’s what we will look at next. Transport. And transport during the Soviet days, if you please. I will display one frame per post, so that the thematic collectors could study them in detail, and in peace.

These stamps portray locomotives from 1833. One of the stamps has a picture of the famous Moscow Metro. The beauty of this underground transport system is not just its efficiency, but also the magnificence of the stations. They are like museums, with marble flooring and gorgeous chandeliers winking at one from the ceilings, with sculptures and paintings making a visit to these stations most pleasurable, as personally experienced by yours truly during my transit through that great city.

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