Thursday, July 30, 2009

UK - Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh 1986

These days hectic activity is going on in my hometown, namely, New Delhi. This is on account of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Roads are being widened, laid and re-laid, new sports complexes are expected to come up, accommodation being readied for thousands and thousands of spectators from all over the world, a Games Village to house the medal seekers on the battlefields of various events, and not forgetting the Metro transport system. Tunnels and pillars for the Metro line are all over the place. Some lines are already functional. The ones still under construction are posing problems and creating new hazards for traffic and commuters in this Great and bustling city. But, everyone is singing and humming the same refrain “we will overcome”.

The Commonwealth Games are being held in India for the first time. I am sure commemorative stamps and first day covers will be issued on expected lines. But, I wonder if the authorities are thinking out of the box and planning a surprise in terms of souvenirs, that people of India, or at least of Delhi would be proud to display on their mantel pieces, and tell their Grand children, real and imagined stories of the Games, always ending their tales with “…. And I was there, and saw it all”.

Edinburgh in Scotland was a place I visited in May 1957. Don’t be scared this isn’t my travelogue. Edinburgh comes to mind as that ancient city had hosted the 1986 Commonwealth Games. Those interested in these games (which come next to the Olympics in importance) might like to see my souvenirs of those games. The special issue during those games was the ‘Two Pound Sterling’ Gold Coin. So here’s all about the Games through these stamps and for the ‘moolah’ collectors the gold coin. Please also note the penned autographs of some of the greatest athletes of our (actually mine) times, including Roger Bannister and Snell.

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