Saturday, April 15, 2017

Joint French-Czech stamp commemorating the 200th anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz 4.5.2005

This joint French-Czech stamp is devoted to the 200th anniversary of one the most important battles of Napoleon Wars, to the great Napoleon's victory at Slavkov-Austerlitz (South Moravia, Czech Republic).
On stamps of both countries are Identical stamps, namely a portrait of Emperor Napoleon 1st, and the Peace Monument, and text “Austerlitz | 1805-2005” or “Slavkov | 1805-2005”.  
The 71,000 soldiers of Napoleon's "Grande Armée" beat the 91,000 men of the combined Russian and Austrian armies in less than six hours.
Considered Napoleon's finest tactical masterpiece, the "Battle of the Three Emperors" left 28,000 dead.
The Battle of Austerlitz (2 December 1805/11), also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, was one of the most important and decisive engagements of the Napoleonic Wars. In what is widely regarded as the greatest victory achieved by Napoleon, the Grande Armée of France defeated a larger Russian and Austrian army led by Tsar Alexander I and Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. The battle occurred near the town of Austerlitz in the Austrian Empire (modern-day Slavkov u Brna in the Czech Republic). Austerlitz brought the War of the Third Coalition to a rapid end, with the Treaty of Pressburg signed by the Austrians later in the month. The battle is often cited as a tactical masterpiece, in the same league as other historic engagements like Cannae or Arbela.

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