Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Golden Age of Sailing Ships 10.6.1989

The stamps on the FDC are part of a seven stamp set on the Theme – Golden Age of Sailing Ships. The ships depicted on the fdc are the Nava of Dubrovnik, 16th century;French Sailing Ship, 17th century and an 18th century Sailing Ship.
In the “Golden Age of Sailing Ships, Sailing Ships of the Adriatic Sea” issued by Yugoslavia in 1989, shows Sailing ships as the means of navigation on the seas were very important in olden times when only the wind-power could be used as a means of propulsion. Various types of sailing ships for commercial and war purposes navigated on the Adriatic Sea. In the old historiography the Phoenicians were considered as the first seamen. However later it was proved that the Egyptians had built their ships before them. The Greek’s with their ships conquered the seas on the Adriatic coast and founded their colonies.

The notion of a war ship of that time was the famous Greek trireme. The Illyrians especially the Liburnians who were good ship builders, took part in the maritime commerce on the Adriatic Sea. Their ‘liburna” is well known in maritime history. Later the Romans took over the shipbuilding and navigation skills from the Greek’s and Illyrians and then the Roman Galley appeared, in the 7th century the Slavs gradually took possession of the Adriatic coast. The Croatian ships were the only ones which could resist the Venetian and Byzantine naval forces. In naval history Dubrovnik appears in the 8th century and becomes an important military maritime and commercial centre with a navy and mercantile shipping, while the shipbuilding also develops at Boka Koturska where originated the famous navy of Boka. In the 15th century Dubrovnik reaches the climax of its naval power. The navies of Dubrovnik – merchant ships on long lines are well known. On the Mediterranean Sea the French, English and Dutch ships appear more and more frequently and they push the shipping of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea. The era of the sailing ship ends with the 19th century when steamships, modern and more economical, take over the reign of the seas.
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