Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gardens of France 22.4.2006

Albert Kahn garden. The Jardin Albert Kahn was created by Albert Kahn – an important banker. After the collapse of his bank in 1932 due to the Wall Street crash his property was seized along with his photography collection.
His photography collection is an incredible collection of early colour photographs that he commissioned, sending photographers out throughout the world.

His garden is in the Boulogne-Billancourt commune of the Western Suburbs of Paris. He bought the property in 1893 and began the garden which covers 4 hectares and includes a range of styles including an ‘English garden’, a ‘French-style garden’, and perhaps most famously a ‘Japanese garden’.
The Japanese garden includes a ‘Japanese village’ created from buildings dismantled and reassembled after a visit to Japan.

Parc de la Vallée aux LoupsCollection of around 2,500 plants in themed areas, including a fruit garden & an English garden.

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