Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nicolas Mignard - Paintings "Autumn"& "Spring" - Red Cross 14.12.1968

Nicolas Mignard (1606–1668) was a French painter. He spent most of his active life in Avignon and was the older brother of Pierre Mignard, and the father of Pierre II Mignard.
Mignard’s spending most of his life in Avignon made his career somewhat overshadowed by his younger brother Pierre, who was installed in Paris. After his death, paintings by Nicolas Mignard mostly stayed in Avignon or in small cities around Avignon. During the French Revolution, as these paintings were taken over, most of them were attributed to Pierre Mignard.
His art is now rediscovered. His style is typical of the Italianate classicizing aesthetic that dominated seventeenth-century France, and obviously was very much influenced by French classical Baroque painter Poussin.
Nicolas Mignard died in 1668 in Paris.

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