Thursday, November 24, 2016

Greek National Resistance (1941-1944) 8.11.1982

The FDCs and the stamps on them depict the National Resistance offered by the Greek citizens and Partisans against the German invaders during World War II.
(12) Resistance FightersNatl. Resistance Movement, 1941-44: Partisan Men and Women, by P. Gravalos.
(21) Destruction of Gorgopotamos Rail Bridge, 25 Nov. 1942Greek resistance fighters in collaboration with the British Allies destroyed the Gorgopotamos Rail Bridge which was heavily used by the German occupation forces as a supply line.
(2) The Massacre of Kalavryta, 13 Dec. 1943
 The massacre of Kalavryta refers to the extermination of the male population of Kalavryta village and the total destruction of the village by the German occupation forces.
(30) Resistance fighters in Kaisariani (Athens).

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