Monday, September 26, 2016

Raymond Gid - Poster Art 1.3.1986

Raymond Gid . Born on November 25, 1905, died Sunday November 12, 2000 in Paris Raymond Gid became first known through his posters, after having studied at les Beaux-Arts.
As a film enthusiast, he designed many movie posters, for example Vampyr de Dreyer (photomontage, 1932), Le Silence de la mer by Melville (1949), Les Diaboliques by Clouzot (1955). But a meeting with Guy Levis Mano (editions GLM), editor and typographer, soon directed Gid towards the book. In 1935, he publishes, together with the photographer Pierre Jahan Devot Christ de Perpignan and Chats, Chiens by Ylla. It is an intensive period of his life period: he meets Dufy, Corbusier, Hake, Lurcat and receives the gold medal for a poster at the International exhibition of Paris (1937). He reacts to the Civil War in Spain with a poster " Help to the civil populations ".

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