Sunday, June 12, 2016

Olympic Games 2008 Beijing, China 5.6.2008

The Olympic Games created by the Ancient Greeks and now belonging to the entire humanity, constitute an institution through which the noblest ideals of the human spirit are expressed. The Olympic Games were organized for the first time in 776 BC in ancient Olympia, having as first competition the "stadium", namely a 200-yard dash. Subsequently, 23 other competitions were added and the games gradually developed from a simple athletic event into a mental and spiritual creation and into a place fordisplaying virtue, morals, mental and spiritual cultivation. The apex of these morals is the concept of "truce", namely the suspension of hostilities for the unhindered conduct of the games and noble emulation far from wars, vain competitiveness, political expediencies, ideological contradictions and racial hatreds. The Olympic Games were revived in modern times, in 1896, by French Baron Pierre de Coubertin and the first contemporary Olympic Games took place in the same year in Athens.

Cyprus was participating for the eighth consecutive time in the summer Olympic Games Which took place in 2008 in the capital of China, Beijing. On this occasion and to honour the event, Cyprus issues the commemorative stamps series established since 1964. This series consists of four stamps representing the competitions of sailing, high jump, tennis and shooting, competitions in which Cypriot athletes participate.

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