Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trees of Venda 3.8.1983

Gardenia Spatulifolia. The bushveld gardenia is a small, relatively slow-growing tree, ideal as a focus plant in summer rainfall gardens or on patios.

Hyphaene Natalensis. Almost all parts of this very common palm are used for something, and feasability studies have been done on the economics of some aspects of this palm plant.

Albozia Adianthifolia. Are you looking for a fabulous shade tree, rich in a unique cultural history and adored by elephants and butterflies alike? Then look no further than the spectacular flat-crown albizia to add a year-round talking point to your garden!

Sesamothamnus LigardiiSesamothamnus lugardii (Transvaal sesame-bush, sesambos) is a species of plant in family Pedaliaceae, endemic to southern Namibia, eastern Botswana, southern Zimbabwe, and Kruger National Park in the Transvaal. It is a soft-stemmed shrub that grows alone or in scattered, small groups in hot, dry areas. The plant can grow to 4 meters in height with a very thick lower trunk, up to 1 meter in diameter, from which arise several thick branches. Flowers are white.

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